Sagmeister & Walsh Get Robbed

FIU Barcelona


When you admire a studio like Sagmeister & Walsh the way we do, you start to get some ideas. Like: why shouldn’t we rob them? Ok, joking. Kinda. With this personal project, achos! experiments with the internet by stealing the format of a blog, creating a robbery story, and spreading it via social media.


The seed of the idea for this personal project was planted back when we were at Idep Barcelona and saw an opportunity in Sagmeister & Walsh’s innovative live-streaming homepage. With a little Photoshop magic we created video of us 'stealing' the WORK banner off of the studio floor.

Concept and Execution

A few years later, we found the perfect opportunity to bring our little project to life. We were promoting the FIU Conference, and found ourselves a few days away from going to see Jessica Walsh speak at the design conference, Sitges Next. So we decided to play with the internet a bit, and to launch the project as a statement of intent. We’re aiming for the top creative work in the world by whatever means necessary.


We launched a believable but completely fake Creative Review article about the “robbery” with our footage and started sharing it via social media through friends. Within 6 hours, the news had reached New York City, and Sagmeister & Walsh had given the world a tongue-in-cheek response to the theft. We met Ms. Walsh a few days later at Sitges Next and returned her WORK.

Sagmeister & Walsh got robbed

Concept & Execution

Jorge Vidal

Stefan, Jessica, Creative Review & Booooooom


Personal Project