How to split a Laus

Personal Project


We were grateful when we won a student 2013 Laus National Design Award. But thinking about the nature of awards, and how as students we learn from so many people, we decided to spread the love by designing a way to share the prize.

Concept and Execution

The idea of sharing the award kicked off this personal project. It allowed us to play around with lasers and saws, and more importantly, to thank the people who helped us become who we are today. Plus we won a professional 2014 LAUS for it, and that was alright too!

Laus 2015

To finish the job, we presented the project to the LAUS awards in the integrated campaign section and we recovered the award in one piece.

Como Partir un Laus

Concept, Campaign design, Web design & Development

MQ Creative Lab

Lorena Lacar
Video Direction

Pablo Axpe

Sagmeister & Walsh Get Robbed