I stand for...


Theres been thousands of studies that try to define us “Millenials”, our attitudes, ambitions and goals in life. In the same way Beefeaters stand for the queen, our goal was to study what is really going on in the minds of this generation and what they stand for. And we knew exactly where to find them, at Bilbao BBK Live & MadCool 2017 music festivals.

Concept and Execution

#IStandFor by Beefeater is an anthropological study conducted by Domestic Data Streamers in collaboration with Beefeater. Through lots (and lots) of questions and lots of technology, we discovered how these festivalgoers that were born in the 80s and 90s are and what they really stand for.


We created an interactive Q&A online game which would generate a personalised line up for you to use at the festivals. The questions were strongly related to the inner culture of the events, combining 3 topics: music preferences, festival behaviours and consumer insights. The user in exchange got the opportunity to win free tickets to make their line up come true.


Field research was conducted at the festivals by creating different interactive installations to collect data. Data Gates we’re installed at the main entrance, Data walkers would collect data in the crowds, the bar was busy preparing Data Cocktails and the Data Bull was busy all day and night rocking the millenials socks off. All this data was displayed live at the Beefeater Stand for everyone to enjoy.


Pizza with or without pineapple? Waxed or jungle mode? BBK Live or MadCool? We invited people to play and win tickets for their favourite festival on social networks. What do you stand for?


Domestic Data Streamers


Web Development

Codea Studio

Jordi Majó, Alex Marqués
Sergi Delgado, Rasmus Kæmsgård

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