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Portfolio Jackpot

Lazy Eyes

Lazy Eyes is a multidisciplinary design and art studio working across the fields of arts, fashion and entertaiment.

Jen Lu is a New York based artist and designer that partners up to curate and design a very diverse catalog of creative endeavors.

Codo con Codo

Codea Studio

A studio formed by designers and directors dedicated to the large world of audiovisuals. Powered by design, film and documentary.

I am Smash

Limón Estudios

New branding and website for the post production studio Limón Estudios.

Resurrection Ritual

Ús Barcelona

Ús Barcelona is an urban art and public space festival with a nomad spirit.

This is my store

Bustom Shoes

Spanish shoe company BUSTOM has managed to tiptoe its shoes into Apple stores without the technological empire even knowing!

Pull your tongue

Centre for Genomic Regulation Barcelona

You are not alone! A journey through the wonderful world of the microbiome.

Feel that shit


An immersive browser-based window shopping experience.

Who’s afraid of a little robbery? Designing a transatlantic heist.

Super Critical

The Ting Tings

The British dúo burst back onto the scene with 2014 independent release Super Critical.



A contest organized by art lovers, for art lovers, kickstarting the launch of a new creative space.

How to split a Laus

Personal Project

The wishful shop window that welcomes the new year 2016.

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